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Saturday, September 29, 2012

October 1st - Meatless Monday - World Vegetarian Day

Dear Folks,

If the meat eaters in your family think vegetarian means sticks and twigs, have I got some nice recipes for you.

The North American Vegetarian Society wants people to think about the ideas behind the preference, and you can find out more at the wiki link below.  But there are some very excellent ideas behind having meatless days which do not mean you have to embrace the whole concept.


On this blog I frequently post recipes - many with a vegetarian or vegan basis.

I hope you enjoy some or all of them.  Let me know what you think too!

First up is my more authentic recipe for chili beans - no tomatoes!

Next up is my savory oatmeal side dish with pumpkin.  I think this would go great with the chili recipe.  I developed it to highlight that oatmeal is not just for breakfast - it is a great option to rice, pasta or potatoes for lunch or dinner.  The nice thing about it is - left overs!  You can make them into patties, refrigerate and use the next morning for breakfast, browned and warmed in a frying pan.

And speaking of pumpkin - my fabulous stuffed pumpkin.  I developed it for Thanksgiving but it is great any time you have a suitable pumpkin.

A meal needs a little dessert, doesn't it?

How about a good for you candy?  This is a great holiday treat too, mixes up fast and you can swap out the best dried berries and cereal preferences.  Make sure you use an EXCELLENT chocolate.  This Ghiradelli does have milk in it.  We prefer this 60% cocoa - you can use a higher percentage, it will be less sweet.

Consider making Mondays Meatless - and make it family night too!

Have a great day.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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