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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Arizona Sunny 90+ Something Day - What to do?

Dear Folks,

A lot of folks talk about our sun and heat here in the desert.  I look at it as opportunities to 'make lemonade out of lemons' - e.g., My laundry I hung on the line this morning was dry in 3-4 hours, AND

I made kale chips in 2 hours!

Drying veggies, fruits and herbs in the sun is an ancient technique still more than useful today.  I use one of those picnic table tents to keep critters off.

Time involved - 2 minutes to harvest the leaves, 1 minute to rinse and tear, 1 minute to toss with the tiniest bit of oil and sprinkle of salt - 2 hours to done! 

Come up with your own sunny ideas!

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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David Oberpriller said...

Two comments I would add. There were a couple things I would do back around 1980 when I lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona:

1) Sun-dried herbs. I spread collected herbs (with stems) on white trays. I placed the trays on the roof of the mobile home I was living in when I left for work in the morning and take them in when I returned home. The sun dried them beautifully (put them out a second day if needed) and I then stripped the dried leaves off the stems and stored them.

2) Flavored wine vinegar. I bought bottles of wine vinegar and inserted as large a sprig as possible of a fresh herb (tarragon, rosemary, etc.) directly into the bottle. In the tradition of Arizona Sun Tea, I put the bottles in the sun on the roof of the mobile home for several days. This would "brew the tea" and nicely diffuse the flavor through the vinegar. Use as you would for flavoring -- salad dressings, etc.