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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow Food Challenge - Meal Version 1

Dear Folks,

Here is the first of 2 meal versions for Slow Foods Healthy Meal Challenge.  I decided to make "happy meal" versions which I think will be appealing to either adults or children.  I tried for nutrient dense options with a lot of flavor.  Due to time constraints I purchased items from traditional grocers, but you will be able to find many, many of the ingredients or all of them from your local farmers markets.  I chose high quality ingredients, organic when I could so the prices will be in the ball-park when shopping with your local farmers.  I have provided only the totals for the nutrient value and cost.  I would be happy to email the detail to anyone who wants it.  I kept the cost of each meal well under $5 and added a toy option for the children's options.

Yogurt onion dill dippers
Apple Cider

Makes 2 Children’s Lunches (half sandwich) or 1 Adult

2 Multi-Whole Grain Bread slices
2 ounces whole milk, white American cheese slices
8 fresh basil leaves
half of gala apple sliced thin
half cup of yogurt
1 tsp of dried onion
1 tsp of dried dill
pinch of salt
1 carrot cut in sticks
1 celery stalk cut in sticks
Apple Cider

1. Toast bread       
2. Mix yogurt, salt, onion and dill, set aside
3. Layer one slice of bread with cheese, basil, apple and repeat to create 4 layers ending with cheese.  Top with other slice of bread and microwave for 30 seconds to melt cheese.
4. Spoon yogurt dip into glasses and divide the carrot and celery between them.
5. Serve with 8 ounce glass of apple cider (Or substitute with milk)

2 Children’s Meal Stats
Total    Per Child    Protein=11.93g     Fiber=4.25g    Calories=388    Cost            $ 1.73

1 Adult Meal Stats
Total Adult        Protein=21.10g Fiber= 8.2 g    Calories=622        Cost            $ 2.68
On hand:   dried onion and dill, celery, carrots, salt and fresh basil

ADD a toy!  Susan Decker came up with a toy for each of the two meals I’m creating for this challenge.  Susan will have this toy beginning the end of September or beginning of October at the Mesa Farmers Market (Fridays) for $1.50 plus tax.  Susan is only able to offer the toy at that market and not through the mail because the cost would be prohibitive.  She is the most incredibly gifter I have ever met.  Susan's site is here.

NOTES:   Options include choosing a different fruit, bread or cheese.  I used whole milk White American Cheese - low fat versions (I bought Boars Head) will reduce calories by about 40.  The flavor of La Brea multi-grain whole wheat is excellent for people including children who may not like the flavor of whole wheat.  The addition of honey offsets the slight bitterness of the whole wheat and there are a lot of grains in this ‘multi’.  I chose yogurt for the dip to boost the nutrient value over ranch or sour cream.  You can choose to double the cheese and reduce the amount of apple.  Use pear or other fruits in place of apple.  The basil goes well with all fruits, but can be left off if the children are not used to its flavor.

I hope you enjoy this idea for a homemade option to fast food and slow down for a family meal that is enjoyable, tasty and wholesome.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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