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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food As Medicine - But What IS IN That Food?

Dear Folks,

Some literal food for thought (or put another way keeping your body healthier but knowing what you are putting in it).

An article from Reader's Digest on the internet points out some of the legal ways food processors "mess" with our understanding of a word or phrase.

Read here.

It really should not be that you have to be a detective to understand what a package means by 'natural flavor' - if something is coconut flavored, shouldn't you be able to connect that description with the words coconut and flavor.  According the article maybe not.  Geesh

I don't know what the average family spends on processed/packaged food vs. fresh (and that includes grains used for cooking), but I'll bet the ratios are probably reversed of what they should be e.g., should be more fresh than processed.

I strongly encourage you to look past the idea that fresh has to be expensive.  It has to be intelligently decided on.  How many meals can you get out of "X"?  What is the size of a healthy meal?  Extending a meal does not have to mean adding tons of starch.  Learn more about complimentary proteins to make better choices pairing healthy foods with each other to maximize nutrition and flavor.

Hope some of these little tid-bits help guide you to better choices.

Have a great day,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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