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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hail Coming? Storm Front Will Drop Temperatures.

Dear Folks,

With the low pressure and storm front moving in tonight bringing about 20 degree overall cooler temperatures to the valley for Monday, this is the kind of weather change that could bring hail during the 'rainy' part of the storm.

If you have tender seedlings, prepare to cover them as necessary to keep them from being pounded.  I don't expect freezing temperatures, just one of those seasonal transitional hail possibilities.

I am always a little more cautious about hail after the spring/summer hail storm we experienced some years ago which flattened everything in the garden except the trees (and they took a pounding).

A footnote to that storm was the growth of my 7 foot wide basil plant.  Although I don't want you to look forward to such a reaction, what happened was the flattened stems rooted out and up and became this enormous basil the likes I have not seen since.

While you are watching out for things, don't forget the aphids of spring!  The hard freeze kept their numbers under control in my gardens, but my customers have told me about major infestations.  Keep the safe soap sprays handy and use as soon as you see even minor activity.

The weather will be lovely again by the end of the week :-)

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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