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Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 - 8 Years Later - Remembering What Hate Does

Dear Folks,

It has been 8 years since that terrible day.

One of our family, Deane's brother Doug, said "I worry about what someone will do in my name." Barely out of his mouth, on September 15th, a crazy man, chose to kill the gentle owner of one of our neighborhood gas stations while he was out checking his landscaping.

Backlash against anyone different, and vows by everyone that understanding and tolerance would be more forthcoming all followed that terrible day, where do we stand now?

8 years later there is still hate seething in society, born of fear, or anger over real or perceived injustices, I think sometimes there is less tolerance than before 9/11.

We can stop the hate and also remember that terrible day with good actions.

I come from a family of many firefighters and Deane is a retired EMT, so they have always held a special place in my heart, even more so after 9/11 -- and what the rescue workers and police had to do.
Find the fire station and police station in your neighborhood and mail or drop off a thank you card. They put their boots on every morning never knowing what the day will bring, that is a hero in my book.

2) PLANT ROSEMARY for remembrance, if you have flag pole in the ground, consider putting the shrub there.

3) IF YOUR CHILD's school does not have an anti-bullying program, insist they start one. Check out this site for information

4) CHECK OUT organizations that promote Stop The Hate programs

5) If you are in the area of the gas station owned by the family of Balbir Singh Sodhi, consider placing flowers on the memorial. That is part of my neighborhood. I along with hundreds of others after his murder added to a spontaneous memorial on the corner 80th Street & University in East Mesa. It grew so large I was worried that 'officials' might step in and try to restrain the outpouring -- to my relief they merely placed protective cones and limited traffic through the corner. Mr. Sodhi was known in the neighborhood for his kindness and generosity. A memorial page was dedicated to him on Sikh cultural site, click here to see the page - it has not been updated for a while but gives the story of the murder and the community support.

There were other attacks attributed to the murderer of Mr. Sodhi, who was ultimately sentenced to life, if those people are known to you, reach out to them, too. Also attacks in other areas of the country directly resulting from hate after 9/11, can be remembered in similar ways.

And, finally, I think we can all learn about what true charity and acceptance means when we consider the reaction of the Amish Community after another crazy man killed 5 children. Wikipedia has information here

Please pass this post on - we can learn and grow and be a better society,

In Sad Memory,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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