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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Heat is Coming and Around The Garden.

Dear Folks,

First I hope you are all keeping safe, being wise and continuing to garden.  Your edible garden is never more important than right now.

[Bachelor Button - one of the edible flowers in my garden - the camera did not capture the real purple, but still lovely.]

In keeping with our usual transition from cool to warm (and then it reverses in the fall) we gallop from 60s to mid to high 80s or even 90 in about 7-10 days.

By the end of this week and into the weekend and next week we will be in mid-to 80s -- time to pay attention to newly sown beds and new transplant areas.  If you have sown an area recently but have no or limited above ground growth, you need to be sprinkling/watering it every evening until you see good leaf growth above ground.  Then start by watering every other day, to encourage the roots to go deep and gradually water more but less frequently.  Likewise, pay attention to new transplants. They are trying establish roots while dealing with increasing heat.

Below is a collage of what is going on in my gardens.  Taken yesterday morning.

Top left to right:
--Feverfew with Stevia emerging.  My Stevia plant is in its 6th or so year.
--Redventure Celery and I’itoli Onion
--Asparagus and carrots
--Beet and leek
--greens/herbs patch-I set this up as a cut-and-come-again.
--we have a small lawn, which I winter-seeded some years ago with Johnny JumpUps and they re-seed, as do the Nasturtiums. Just behind the Nasturtiums is the edge of myrtle and limequat

We are all in this crisis together, though apart.  Be wise, be kind, be safe and share what you can.

If you are doing okay financially - consider buying gift cards from your local restaurants and businesses to support them NOW, then use the cards later.

LocalFirstArizona, has set up a link where businesses (not chains) are listing gift card or otherwise ideas to help them stay in business or get them through.  Check it out here.

AND, USAToday started a website for local businesses (not just Phoenix aea) to list gift cards etc. to help the individual businesses out.  Click here to find your city.

Take care of yourselves, be kind, patient and flexible.

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

If you need more gardening help at your fingertips, remember my book and perpetual calendar.

And I am always happy to answer questions through this blog or on my Facebook Page where you can msg me directly.  I try to check in a couple of times a day.

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