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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Sugar Peas, If You Please!

Picture taken October 9, 2018
Dear Folks,

I am readying my monthly planting post for gardening in November (with two great harvest soup recipes), but I wanted to get this information to you ASAP.

Get your sugar peas in NOW and then successive sow every 2-3 weeks for a continuous harvest into late spring.  Each plant will continue to pump out pods for months as long as you keep them picked regularly.

I love Sugar Peas!!

In fact I love them so much I wrote a block post several years ago (link below) in my Ode To Sugar Peas.

Harvested Last March, pods, peas, shells for dinner.
From tender skinny pods all the way through to harvest green shelled peas (I even use the shelled pods for slivering in salads or cooking as an added vegetable) to saving the dried brown seeds for cooking or sowing later, everything about this vegetable is just wonderful.

So, I have been growing them for quite a few years, successive sowing every 2-3 weeks (more going in today) following the old 1 pea per 4-6 inches in sowing and then I found this wonderful youtube channel a couple of years ago and - bingo - I realized I had been denying myself a true bounty of peas to harvest.

First, the video is on growing English (spring) peas, but the technique is the same for Sugar "Snap" Peas.

Second, while the video highlights a genius method planting LONG rows, it is the seed spacing I want you to pay attention to.

Third, I did this last year and had a huge and continuous crop of sugar peas through March/April, far more in the same of garden area, than in prior years.

TIP:  Soak your pea seeds for a couple of hours - but no more than 8 - to speed up germination.

I hope you find the video and ideas helpful.

Huws Nursery (UK)

My Blog Post "Ode to Sugar Peas"

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-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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Catherine, The Herb Lady said...

Thank you My Green Store for your nice comments. I am so happy you are finding my posts helpful. Keep on growing! You can always message or email me with questions.

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