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Friday, August 10, 2018

RAIN! Happy Dance.

Dear Folks,

With this year being one of the driest in a long time, wishing for rain has become a pass-time for most of us.

The storm last night dumped 1.5 inches on us!! Yippeeeee!!

I could not believe the rain gauge so I checked the second one out and also noted all the bird water dishes were full. Yup we got a great storm, no apparent damage and it meant we could turn off the auto water today (the every 4 days cycle) and save that part of the water bill.

So for the 3 days of this series of storms we have a total 1.9 inches, and the system may still be around for another couple of days.

While this does not help in the long term (we need snow pack for that up north), I would like to see it as an indication we may have the "boomerang" response by nature to an exceptionally dry year.  Some experts are noting the probability/possibility of a wet El Nino for us which could bring not only rain but more snow pack.  Keeping fingers crossed.

Oh and the temps are delightfully lower, hot but not like opening an oven door!

Have a best day,

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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