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Thursday, October 10, 2019

National Farmers Day aka Old Farmers Day - October 12th

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Dear Folks,

A day to honor our farmers.

I consider myself a farmer even though I do not farm acreage - just a large residential lot.  However I am always appreciative and somewhat amazed by the real farmers out there providing the food most of us rely on to "be available" in the store when we need it.

National Farmer’s Day was once called Old Farmer’s Day, and it has deep roots that go back to when agriculture was much more common in everyday life. Essentially, the day was to thank farmers for their hard work and contribution to the economy. It is believed that agriculture is one of the world’s oldest industries, and the economies of many countries still rest squarely on the shoulders of the agricultural industry. 

The day was set on October 12th because it is after the traditional harvest times of many crops—back before cold-hardy cultivars and technologies like high tunnels and other methods to extend the growing season were put into practice. That way, the farmers themselves would be able to join in the festivities because they would be done with the harvest. --

For all of that - shop with an open mind at your local farmers market.  You can help the farmers who supply farmers markets by understanding "seasonal availability" and try to consider what looks good at the market for dinner, meals etc. rather than go only with a list and be frustrated when your "local farmers" do not have an out-of-season vegetable, fruit or herb.

Purchasing what is seasonally available means those farmers can be more profitable and continue to succeed in supplying locally grown food.  Give that some thought.

Speaking of seasonal -- watch for my November Planting/Sowing tips post next week.

Here are two links to find farmers markets near you.


USDA list

"...there were 8,771 farmers markets listed in USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory [2019]. This is a 6 percent increase since 2014" -- USDA

Now that the weather is cooling off - get out in the garden and get your growing on!  :-)

-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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