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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Today is National Herb Day, Lecture Coming Up, and More!

Dear Folks,

National Herb Day, May 4th celebrates herbs in all their fragrant and useful forms.

This is just the start of a series of celebrations.

May 5th is International Permaculture Day, begun in 2009 in Australia, is a day of celebration and action for permaculture around the world.

While herbs are just a part of permaculture, their presence in the scheme of sustainable permaculture is necessary for the "whole" of a thriving permaculture garden/land.

And then -- Monday May 6th, begins National Herb Week, ending, I think appropriately, on May 12th, Mother's Day, a day we celebrate our mother's or those people and concepts who are mothers to us in ways not limited to family ties.

The nurturing environment of gardening is not a great leap to be seen as a mother to our lives.  Many famous folks have written about mothers and gardens.

My own Maternal Grandmother kept a garden I remember from my childhood, perhaps is that connection for many of us that our Grandmothers and Mothers gardened.

I hope you find a way to celebrate herbs and permaculture - and Mother's Day for those who are important in your lives - perhaps with a bouquet of herbs and edible flowers to brighten their day even more.

In keeping with the theme, on Saturday May 11th, I will be giving a talk on Edible Flowers (some of the lovely examples are herb flowers - check out the flower of the Conehead Thyme pictured above)  at Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market.

I hope to see you there!

Mothers’ Day, Herbs, Flowers and just what IS an Edible Flower?

Join Catherine, The Herb Lady at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market
(3806 N Brown Avenue – the SW Corner of Brown & 1st Street)
on May 11, 2019, Saturday from 9 -10AM (The Mothers’ Day Market).

National Herb Week, which celebrates herbs in all of their usefulness and glory, ends on Mother’s Day.  This is fitting as most beloved culinary herbs have delicious and beautiful flowers, and flowers are what many Mother’s love and many families enjoy gifting.

What Is An Edible Flower?
It could be a vegetable, like an artichoke, broccoli, or caper. 
It could be one of the old garden favorites, like hollyhock, stock, marigold, jasmine, pansies, or nasturtiums.
It could be an herb, meaning a plant with beneficial properties, like hibiscus, rose, lavender, dandelion, or one of the much-loved culinary herbs, including basil, rosemary, oregano, cilantro, dill, or thyme.

OR it could be all of the above.

Catherine will discuss edible flowers as pretty, fun, tasty (most are tasty), and safe additions or garnishes to enhance your meals. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The earth laughs in flowers.”  Why not make them edible!


-- Catherine, The Herb Lady

You can find my calendar and books for sale at my website.

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